Technology & Innovation

As well as offering a wide range of parameters to customers, ZBOE continues to offer new display technology for a wide range of applications like:

Circular TFT-LCDs: For wearable applications, control knobs in domestic appliances and automotive dashboards.

Large area transparent TFT-LCDs: For digital signage applications and refrigerator doors.

Reflective TFT-LCDs: For low-power consumption and sunlight readable applications.

OGS: The One Glass Solution is a fairly new touch panel technology and is also referred to as One Glass Touch. The process reduces the thickness of current capacitive touch panels by combining the touch panel and protective glass and removing the air gap. The result is a thinner TFT-LCD Module with overall lower manufacturing costs due to reduction of components, which have to be used in production.

ADS: Improved in-plane switching for improved viewing angles and response times. This technology is mainly used in high resolution displays with a high PPI value. The ADS Technology allows also to use a thinner Polarizer, which leads overall to a thinner TFT-LCD cell.

Anti-Microbial Touch: For medical applications, where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Through Water Touch: For industrial applications, where moisture can be a problem.

Touch with Gloves: For applications where direct finger touch is not possible. This touch is in general combined with water touch and used in industrial devices.

Narrow Bezel: The trend of the display industry shows thinner bezels all the time. The latest technology is even able to have left and right side of a display bezel free. Narrow bezel or bezel free displays are mainly used in consumer market.