About Us

ZBOE Displays is a leading manufacturer and supplier of display modules and display components to the global electronics market. We operate in a number of markets including, consumer, medical, industrial, white goods, retail and signage as well as automotive market.

Customer Focus - Project Orientated
We view every customer enquiry as a project. Whether the customer requires a standard or customised product, high or low demand, we try to understand the final project goal and then check for all required steps needed to meet customer’s goal. This approach enables us to develop a partnership relationship with our customers and builds trust. It allows us to meet our customers' expectations.

Technology and Innovation
We are constantly on the lookout for new display and touch technologies to offer our customers. Whether it is 10k TFT-LCD, AMOLED or Touch technologies for use underwater, we offer our customers the latest display technologies and help our customers incorporate these technologies into their applications.

All our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 and ISO14001. For our automotive displays, our manufacturing facilities are ISO/TS16949-certified. All our products are also ROHS compliant.

Product Customisation and Product Lifetime Management
Our customers in industrial, medical and automotive applications often require display customisation. Perhaps a brighter backlight is required or a longer FPC cable or customised printed logo. Our ability to customise all components in a display module makes ZBOE Displays an ideal technology partner for our customers. Also for many applications long product lifetime is essential. We work closely with our component suppliers including display panel, backlight, semiconductor and touch supplier to ensure long term availability of components in order to meet the agreed lifetime of the product.